This morning was just one of those mornings. You know – the ones when, for no reason at all, things just seem to be unraveling… someone didn't eat his breakfast, someone didn't finish getting dressed, someone “forgot” that his homework actually wasn't done, someone is crying for no apparent reason. Before long, the tension mounts because we're now running late getting off to school.

In the ensuing internal disturbance, I was reminded of how this grace this works. Grace isn't just about forgiveness of past sins the day we embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Grace is about the ongoing collision of divinity and humanity. Grace crashed into the scene with Immanuel – “God with us.” It continues crashing into our world every time our natural, normal human vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and shortcomings are toppled by the new life that God breathes into us. We experience grace every time we fall on our faces, but are able to immediately rise up again without guilt and condemnation. We experience grace every time God intervenes and we don't fall our faces in the first place.

This ongoing collision in the lives of God's people is a sign for the whole world that something is on the way. A new Kingdom has been set in motion. When the King steps in to take his place, the collision will be consummated. Every person and power that poised itself against grace will be defeated, judged, and condemned. And every person that fought to proclaim and manifest the Kingdom in advance – in faith – will see their hopes realized when the King – to whom they were submitted and for whom they lived – returns.

Brothers & sisters, let us not just believe this to be true. Let us live accordingly. Let us live our faith. Let us embrace the habits and disciplines appropriate for citizens of God's Kingdom. Let us be a living witness and foretaste of the Kingdom that is coming. Let us unabashedly proclaim the goodness and Lordship of the King now, while there is still time for our friends and family to give him their allegiance along with us.

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